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Students interested in becoming an Equine Sciences Practitioner should be aware of, and have a good understanding of, the ESA "Philosophy" 
This will play a major role in your  success in this program. Only those who understand the importance of these fundamental beliefs, and have a genuine interest in the "whole picture" are likely to succeed.   
Enrollment will be limited, and acceptance will be based on merit and suitability.  We recommend you fill out your application forms completely and thoughtfully. The Academy reserves the right to evaluate and determine the best candidates for the program. 
By applying to this this program, you exhibit a desire to learn, question and work hard to achieve your goals. Due to the constraints of logistics and time, job and family commitments, most of the program is offered in a distance learning format as online courses. As such, much of the program relies on your personal motivation. You may proceed at your own pace, and will need to discipline yourself regarding time management and study habits to progress through the curriculum.  The staff will be happy to assist you, but the responsibility for the work lies with you. 
We have many resources available on the student website to help you succeed, and we strongly recommend that you use them. There is also a vast amount of "self help" information on the internet. 
We believe that the learning process is greatly enhanced and more enjoyable when shared with others.  We have discussion groups for each term where students can share, question, debate and help each other.  Often you can learn as much from your classmates as you can from your instructors. These discussion groups are for coursework only, and will be moderated by ESA staff.  On the social side, we have a "Student Lounge" for chatting, pictures and fun.  All these sites will be password protected and monitored, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
"Wherever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoofprint of a horse beside it." 
...  John Trotwood Moore 
We expect and require respect, courtesy, honesty, safety and integrity from anyone involved with the Academy.  Students are also required to read and abide by the Student Handbook..