The Academy is proud to offer the following scholarships. These are awarded once a year.  Students already enrolled may also apply for scholarships. These are not cash awards, but the Academy will cover the fees as listed below.  They are not retroactive, and fees already paid will not be reimbursed, but any future expenses covered by the scholarship will be covered.   
Please note that the deadline for application submission for scholarships is July 15 for that year.  These will be awarded July 31.  Acceptance into the Academy is a prerequisite and you may apply at any time.  Students receiving scholarships will be required to complete the program within a given time frame. 
All scholarships cover fees for all online courses and materials  
provided by the Academy.   They do not include practicums, travel, workshops or  
required materials from outside sources
ESA Armed Services Scholarship  
Award is open for those who are active or have an honorable discharge. 
The Equine Sciences Academy is proud and honored to offer this award and would like to say thank you to all those who serve our country.   
ESA Distinction Scholarship  
Award is open for general application 
ESA Community Service Scholarship  
Award for this scholarship will be based on a history of volunteer work, rescue work or other equine related community service. 
ESA Transitions Scholarship  
Applicant must have a farrier background and the desire to make the transition to natural hoof care. 
ESA Merit Scholarship  
This scholarship will be awarded to a recent high school graduate wanting a career in natural hoof care. 
Deadline is 
July 15, 2017 
Deadline is 
July 15, 2018 
Applicants must first apply to and be accepted into the Academy.  Once accepted, students may apply for a scholarship.  If you are eligible based on requirements, you may apply for more than one scholarship, however only one scholarship will be awarded per student. 
Awards will be applied directly to the student's account and credited toward the tuition items listed.  No monies will be sent to the student. 
Scholarships and awards offered may change on an annual basis.   
Award recipients must have completed all pre-requisites before enrolling in any course, practicum or workshop.