"ACE" - Academy Course Exemption  
Any student enrolled in the Academy may challenge and “ACE” any online course and will receive credit with a passing grade, provided you have completed all the prerequisites.  This is only for enrolled students seeking accreditation.  Auditors are not permitted to take exams. 
This will allow those with prior experience, or those who have previously audited a class to take the exam without taking the class, and applies to online courses only. 
Below are the classes available to "ACE"  If you wish to challenge a course,  please contact us at equinesciences@gmail.com 
1107     Foundations of Natural Hoof Care 
1207     Understanding Farrier Science and practices 
1307     Equine Anatomy -  Distal Limb 
1507     Equine Behavior 
2107     Equine Anatomy - Digestive System / Internal Organs 
2207     Fundamentals of Equine Nutrition 
2307     Fundamentals of Equine Dentistry 
2407     Understanding Veterinary Science and practices 
2507     Complementary Equine Health Care - Part 1 
3107     Equine Anatomy - Musculoskeletal  
3207     Complementary Equine Health Care - Part 2 
3307     Equine Bio-mechanics 
3407     The Effects of Environment on Equine Health 
3507     Business Basics