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ESA - United Kingdom 
We regret to announce that as of 2015 the ESA will no longer be offering Hoof Care Certification in the UK for new students.  Current students will still be able to finish their certification with the instructors there. 
The Equine Sciences Degree will still be offered online to students from all over the world. 
Legal and cultural issues regarding horse care are very different in the UK.  This can be difficult to reconcile in one training program.  Also changes in legislation are difficult to keep up with and assess from such a great distance.  As such it makes more sense to have a UK based program for Hoof Care Certification that is aware of regulations as they come about, and is immersed in and adapted to the cultural nuances there. 
We would like to thank our great instructors.  They are in the process of putting together their own program and we look forward to seeing them continue their work in the UK.  We will post more information on that as we get it.