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The ESA Equine Sciences Degree is a comprehensive program educating students in all key aspects of horse care and management.  Our focus is on how best to care for the horse based on his innate needs, and how to apply knowledge gained by study of his wild counterparts to his domestic situation.  Our Whole Horse approach is vital to anyone in the equine industry as every aspect of his life affects every other.  Students will also gain in depth knowledge and understanding of hoof form and function, pathology and trimming parameters. 
Unlike most Equine Sciences degree programs, the ESA does not teach or require riding as part of the program.   Our focus is on the care and management of domestic equines, not equestrian athletic pursuits. Our coursework does take into account the effects of different types of training, work and use of the horse, and how those relate to his overall wellbeing. It is important that the student has excellent horse handling skills and an understanding of how riding disciplines impact the horse, however; we do not believe that riding is an important or necessary part of sound equine management.  
***  IMPORTANT *** 
As with any school or university, the curriculum may change from time to time.  Be assured, however, that once enrolled, your graduation requirements will not change.  The published curriculum at the time of your enrollment will remain in effect until you graduate.  Courses may be substituted, but no requirements will be added at a later date.  In the event that new courses or requirements are added to the catalog during your enrollment, you will have the option to take them, but they will not be required for your graduation.  A copy of each year's curriculum and course catalog will remain on the website for reference. 
Also important to note, as with a college diploma, once you are certified by the ESA your certification cannot be revoked at a later date due to changing and/or additional requirements.