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The ESA Hoof Care Certification is the most comprehensive available.   
Most hoof care issues do not originate in the hoof.  If you have the education and experience to be able to assess a horse, help determine where the problem originates and recommend the appropriate professional (chiropractic, saddle fit, dental,  etc.) to address the issue, not only will your job with the feet be much easier, but you will gain the respect and trust of your community including other equine professionals.  If you fail to recognize mitigating factors that are adversely affecting the hooves, your trimming skills will be called into question when the feet donít improve.  The ESA gives you the education needed to properly evaluate and address complex issues in the field, and is the most comprehensive natural hoof care certification program offered anywhere. 
                  .....  Simply learning to trim is not enough.
***  IMPORTANT *** 
As with any school or university, the curriculum may change from time to time.  Be assured, however, that once enrolled, your graduation requirements will not change.  The published curriculum at the time of your enrollment will remain in effect until you graduate.  Courses may be substituted, but no requirements will be added at a later date.  In the event that new courses or requirements are added to the catalog during your enrollment, you will have the option to take them, but they will not be required for your graduation.  A copy of each year's curriculum and course catalog will remain on the website for reference. 
Also important to note, as with a college diploma, once you are certified by the ESA your certification cannot be revoked at a later date due to changing and/or additional requirements.