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The Equine Sciences Degree program is entirely a distance learning format.  The required courses are all onine and practical horse experience is verified through video and submitted materials.  There are 18 online courses separated into three different terms.  Degree students will get all the classes relating to hoof care, but no practical instruction in hoof care.  All six classes in each term must be passed before advancing to the next term.  Classes are completed on your own schedule, however in order to stay on "Active" status, you must complete at least three classes in six months. Students on "Inactive" status are still enrolled, and can continue with classes at any time, but will not be eligible for special active student discounts and access to some chat rooms.   Once all classes are completed, the student applies for graduation, and upon verification of completion of all necessary requirements will be awarded The Equine Sciences Degree.  Click on the Equine Sciences Degree link on the left for more detailed information. 
The Hoof Care Certification program is separated into two parts.  The first part includes completion of all 18 online courses as described above and three practicums.  Practicums are held in the instructors home town.  Students travel to various locations to visit different instructors.  After completing the first part of the program, the student has earned the Equine Sciences Degree.  To earn Hoof Care Certification, the student must then continue on to the second part of the program which includes three case studies and two more practicums.  Case studies can be done concurrently and the students can progress at their own pace, but requirements for active status are the same as above.  Once all requirements are completed, the student applies for Certification, and upon verification is issued the certificate.  Click on the Hoof Care Certification link on the left for more detailed information. 
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The school does not have a physical location as courses are all done online, and practical training is at instructor locations around the country. 
We offer many payment and  discount options.  Classes can be paid for by term which gives a great discount, or individually as you go.  Students who progress quickly through the program receive additional discounts.  All payments are through PayPal by check or credit card. 
We have added new Student Incentive discounts  -  click here for details 
There are no start dates.  You can sign up for classes at any time and work at your own pace. 
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Please visit the FAQ page for more information. 
***  IMPORTANT *** 
As with any school or university, the curriculum may change from time to time.  Be assured, however, that once enrolled, your graduation requirements will not change.  The published curriculum at the time of your enrollment will remain in effect until you graduate.  Courses may be substituted, but no requirements will be added at a later date.  In the event that new courses or requirements are added to the catalog during your enrollment, you will have the option to take them, but they will not be required for your graduation.  A copy of each year's curriculum and course catalog will remain on the website for reference. 
Also important to note, as with a college diploma, once you are certified by the ESA your certification cannot be revoked at a later date due to changing and/or additional requirements.