Michael Bevilacqua 
Michael Bevilacqua 
Author of 'Beyond the Dream Horse' 
NHE Senior Representative 
Thanks to horses Michael Bevilacqua left behind a standard life in the city to follow his heart. It was a reconnection to horses, nature and his true self. 
Quickly drifting further from standard training methods he discovered the beauty and simplicity of allowing honest relationships with horses. Through his business, Equi-Forme, based in Quebec, Canada, he adhered to his own way of training and instruction and positively changed the lives of many horses and people. 
To promote the welfare of the horse, he helped to build the international side of Nevzorov Haute Ecole and became the Senior Representative. As a writer, his articles have touched the hearts and minds of horse owners around the world. His horse training business has been replaced with educating people. Regarded as a true master and a gifted teacher he is sought after to give seminars that help to bring out the best in our horses and ourselves.